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                                     Address: No.1 Mulinsen Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China


                                     Postcode: 528415


                                     Phone: 0760-89828888-3298/3598


                                     Fax: +86-760-2382 6666

                                     Hotline: 400-697-0303
  • PCB Division

    TEL:0790-7138000 to 5689
  • Lighting OEM Sales Department

    TEL:0760-8982 8888 to 3551
  • Semiconductor materials sales

    TEL:0760-8982 8888 to 3569
  • Lighting Sales Department

    TEL:0760-8982 8888 to 3529
  • Lighting LED lamp sales

    TEL:0760-8982 8888 to 3516
  • MLS Digital Division

    TEL:0760-88838550 13925340205

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